My wife talks in her sleep (5)

My lovely wife can hold conversation while sleeping.
Here are some excerpts:

I don’t want to go to school.
Bernard Minet * isn’t there.

* Bernard Minet is the french singer for most of the 90s anime. (Click the link. Do it.)

*grabs my hand and clap it over and over against her tight, giggling at the sound and  trying to make it as loud as possible*

A fat one. Full of sugar and sweets.
Then he will attract all the mosquitos.
Maybe we could rent him too…

*sings Frozen*
*scold me for not singing along*


Inspired by the stupid things I said in my sleep

[12:18:39 AM] Matty: …
[12:19:00 AM] Matty: that pirana thing is like the cutest, most twisted version of the finding nemo universe
[12:19:21 AM] Matty: just imagine
[12:19:22 AM] Fyrielle: …
[12:19:29 AM] Fyrielle: oh my god
[12:19:37 AM] Fyrielle: I’m calling Pixar and selling them the idea right now
[12:19:41 AM] Matty: do it
[12:20:00 AM] Matty: cute cartoon fish in a half devoured cow carcass
[12:20:05 AM] Fyrielle: :I
[12:20:11 AM] Matty: nothing that could possibly traumatize the kiddies
[12:20:30 AM] Matty: except all the parts that absolutely will traumatize them
[12:20:47 AM] Fyrielle: wait
[12:20:53 AM] Fyrielle: selling it to Burton actually
[12:21:01 AM] Matty: oh god
[12:21:16 AM] Fyrielle: the nightmare before steakhouse

So I just gave Elli the storyboard for the first panels of “Finding Pedro”.

Please look forward to it.

It’s one AM, and for the first time in forever instead of yelling at me to go to bed, my wife is frantically writing a storyboard.

Finding Pedro.

Please look forward to it.